This company was composed of men from New Hanover County and enlisted at Wilmington on May 31, 1861. It tendered its service to the state and was ordered to Warrenton, Warren County, where the whole regiment was organized. On July 22nd 1861, they were ordered to Richmond, Virginia.

In December 2011, a re-enactment unit was formed to preserve the southern heritage and to protect the true history of the War Between the States.

The third Saturday of each month we will be drilling or working on the historic Battle of Forks Road site on the grounds of Cameron Art Museum. This battle was the last stand at Wilmington on February 20, 1865. Thank you to Bruce Barclay Cameron whose interest in and his family connection to the Battle of Forks Road and his generosity have preserved the battlefield and its historic features for future generations.

Yearly, we have a reenactment of the battle in February. Come see and hear the history of the Federals and Confederates. During the battle, the USCT were led by Brigadier General Charles J. Paine. The Confederate army was under the command of Major General Robert F. Hoke.

We are always looking for re-enactors for the Confederate and Union. Come and live the history.