Nahin, Ph.D., MPH, performing director of NCCAM’s Division of Extramural Analysis and co-writer of the National Wellness Statistics Report. Upcoming analyses of the data may help explain a few of the noticed variation in the use of individual CAM therapies and offer better insights into CAM use patterns among Americans. .. 12 % of U.S. Children use choice medicine Around 38 % of adults in the United States aged 18 more than and years and nearly 12 % of U.S. Kids aged 17 years and under use some type of complementary and substitute medicine , relating to a new nationwide government study.In a press release, AAF said it could make investments of up to USD20m per portfolio company, targeting entities with robust growth and management leads. The fund aims to support private sector companies that implement ways of enhance and diversify meals production and distribution in Africa by giving equity financing including strengthening the management and modernisation of the agricultural sector on the continent. We welcome all of the traders’ significant contributions to Africa’s economic development and long-term prosperity, Chitalu said .Net reports.