Contrast to new therapeutic approach to Parkinson’s diseaseThe incidence of Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases increases with age, although the cause , why is not clear. But now come in an article this week in the journal Science1 Researchers at Harvard describes a direct relationship between aging and neurodegeneration , as well as a potential new treatment for PD . The study shows how the inhibition of SIRT2 – member of the sirtuin family, the aging is associated – the toxicity of protein aggregates that are believed to be behind the neuronal death characteristic of PD prevented. Interestingly, and in contrast to ‘traditional’approaches eliminate eliminate these units, SIRT2 inhibition is produced by ‘merging’a lot of small protein aggregates to form larger to work those. The research shows that aging and neurodegeneration can connect the door to a whole new type of therapeutic approach towards against PD, of body movement. Neurodegenerative diseases associated with abnormal protein deposits in the brain and become known worst with age.

The cell-derived scaffold could a favorable environment for cartilage cells provide to obtain their properties, over 6,000 cartilage in the scaffold structure in vivo cell-derived scaffold, study author Dr. Byoung – Hyun Min says may hold great promise for the future. Applications applications can be changed for the engineering of cartilage tissue as the shape and the type of fabric the type of fabric can be adjusted as necessary. .

Figures for the World Health Organization reported that 30 per cent of of the people in the West to show smoke daily. Previous studies have found out that man with mental are twice as likely as the rest of the people smoke. Breaches physical health when smoking are well documented. There is also well known that smoking is linked to other psychological problems. Is common symptoms and are often both in the people who smoke. Anxiety and depression frequent in smokers.