Students and discovered that being physically energetic four or even more days a week reduced bullied teens’ suicidal thoughts and efforts by 23 %. The researchers also discovered that about 30 % of bullied teens said that they had felt sad for just two or more weeks in the previous year; 22 % thought about suicide; and a lot more than 8 % attempted suicide in the last year. About 20 % of the college students said that they had been bullied on college property.Since I understand I cannot stop the aging process, my objective is to simply slow it down a little bit, and that needs to be yours as well. Perhaps among the best ways to slow down the affects of aging after 50 is usually to lift weight. Right now, I’m not talking about the little 2-pound dumbbells. I’m talking REAL pounds. Here are 3 explanations why you have to lift weight after 50: 1. BONE RELATIVE DENSITY You think drinking milk and taking calcium supplements is going to keep your bones strong and postpone the dreaded ‘hump back’ due to osteoporosis? Think again. The simplest way to build strong bones is normally by lifting weighty weight. Think about it for another – When you pick up something heavy, your brain determines that you’ll require a little more thickness in that arm-bone or else it’ll snap like a twig.