Dark brown, PharmD, PhD, FAPhA, shipped his presidential address, Expanding Opportunities thru Patient Treatment, at the next General Program, stating, ‘Pharmacists Provide Care, let me tell you about it all’ will be my focus over another year, and I request you to join me in spreading the term. My vision is that pharmacist-provided care in all practice settings will end up being as common and as expected as flu pictures in the pharmacy are today. My eyesight for the pharmacy profession is for all of us to be larger, better, stronger and more effective at improving the full lives of patients than we ever have already been before. Some would say, as Walt Kelly did, ‘We’ve met the enemy and he is us.’ But I state, ‘Today could possibly be the heroes of pharmacy We.’ We have the knowledge.In both full cases, the expecting mother is asked to lay down on the bed, following which a gel is rubbed over her abdominal. Thereafter, utilizing a medical instrument, sound waves are passed and generated through the abdomen. They strike the baby and get reflected back, having a baby to the image of the baby. The waves used in the procedure are sound waves and they do not harm the baby despite striking it. Harmful rays aren’t involved no known risk falls upon the infant hence. The mother too does not experience any agony and will not get affected in virtually any negative manner. His wellness stays undisturbed, though her general spirits may receive a happy increase after seeing the photos of her baby. The only inconvenience which the lady may feel is definitely that she may feel slightly uncomfortable in lying down straight and residing in that position for close to 20-30 minutes.