The vaccine efficacy was equivalent when determined based on the vaccine strain . For the two 2 years of the analysis, the predominant stress of influenza virus circulating among placebo recipients was A/H3N2 , for which an exploratory analysis identified a vaccine efficacy of 57.5 percent . The attack rate was lower among infants whose mothers were IIV3 recipients than among those whose moms were placebo recipients , indicating a vaccine efficacy of 48.8 percent . The predominant strains leading to disease in the 38 infants of placebo recipients had been A/H3N2 , B/Victoria , and B/Yamagata . Among infants with verified influenza, the numbers contaminated with the influenza virus strain carried by their mothers were as follows: 1 of 19 infants in the IIV3 group and 11 of 37 in the placebo group .As long as the ‘Qi’ flows openly through the body, the balance between the two forces is preserved and all the operational systems in the body perform appropriately. Any obstruction on the flow route of ‘Qi’ makes the human body system misbalanced and the standard functions get disrupted, making any person then became ill or suffering from diseases. A physician suggests medications for the ailments, critical treatments sometimes, therapies or surgery must cure the person. Most of the cases the condition is cured by only intake of medicine however, many critical cases can’t be solved by medicine alone.