The agency requires veterinary inspections and dedicates itself to the control and prevention of infectious diseases in the population. Just recently, scientists of the Age groups discovered the foundation of a listeriosis outbreak in Austria and Germany that caused eight deaths because of contaminated cheese products. In order to provide always condition of the artwork microbiological analyses AGES may be the first business in Austria using the IVD-CE marked IVD MALDI Biotyper program that is in accordance with europe In Vitro Diagnostic Directive 98/79/EC. Related StoriesStudy shows how parasitic worm infections increases susceptibility to TBESCMID, ESWI call for increased flu vaccination insurance coverage amongst healthcare professionalsPatients with Down syndrome face additional challenge of early-onset dementiaUniversity Professor Dr.TY2482 Plasmids From our de novo assembly , we concluded that the TY2482 genome contains two large conjugative plasmids, pESBL TY2482 and pAA TY2482, and a small plasmid, pG2011 TY2482 . From scrutiny of copy numbers of sequence reads, it was clear that the two large plasmids were replicating at an approximate ratio of just one 1:1 with the chromosome, whereas the tiny plasmid was maintained at a copy amount at least nine times that of the other replicons. No phenotype could possibly be ascribed to the small plasmid.