‘Activists state it can help pay for healthcare for a few of the vast amounts of people in the developing world who cannot afford it.’ According to a global Labor Organization research, about 14 million Africans use micro-insurance and there has been an 80 % upsurge in the amount of African plan holders over the last five years. ‘The numbers remain a fraction of the potential market but are growing quickly as more organizations present insurance items to the poor,’ the AP reviews. But micro-insurance can be a ‘hard sell,’ the AP writes. ‘It’s challenging to persuade those struggling to survive to spend the precious cash to pay for care that they could never want. For that good reason, said World Health Organization professional Varatharajan Durairaj, micro-insurance could help the middle classes and some of the poor, but not the most desperate,’ according to the news service.AMSBIO supplies focused analysis products for cancer research that allow researchers to study tumor cell function and behavior including in angiogenesis, cell PARP and invasion and PARG research. Together with specifically designing assays for lead compound and genotoxic screening predicated on DNA damage and repair and malignancy cell behavior, AMSBIO is establishing itself as a leading international provider of cancers research services and equipment. The AMSBIO range includes specialist antibodies, peptides and recombinant proteins.