Kids More Likely to Be Overweight If Mom Gains Too Much in Being pregnant or After: – MONDAY, Oct. 19, 2015 – – Ladies who gain too much weight during and after pregnancy could increase the risk that their child will be overweight or obese in adolescence, a new study from holland suggests. The analysis researchers explained that a mother’s excessive weight gain during pregnancy could be tied to adjustments in her chemistry that make the child much more likely to be overweight or obese . The mother’s pounds gain after having a baby and the child’s subsequent excess weight gain most likely reflect the family’s way of living and health behaviors, the scholarly study authors said. One U.S. Doctor mentioned the importance of both factors.

18, 2015 – – Teenagers with bulimia recover quicker when their parents are involved in their treatment, new research reports. Traditionally, parents have been excluded from the procedure and counseling of teens with bulimia, the researchers said. But, the study’s authors discovered that having parents are likely involved within their children’s treatment was eventually more effective. ‘Parents need to be actively involved in the treatment of kids and teens with feeding on disorders,’ said the study’s leader, Daniel Le Grange, the Benioff UCSF professor in children’s health at the University of California, San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco.