What exactly are the best procedures to attain QC Laboratory Excellence? How successful are you in adopting and sustaining consistent, harmonized & compliant quality systems? Leading Pharmaceutical companies will share their initial hand encounter with transforming the mindset of individuals, creating the culture of change and continuous improvement in both Quality and Operational Excellence. Understand, what is usually the continuing future of Quality corporation and how may be the role of QA & QC changing in 21st hundred years. Learn how & where you can deploy and develop measurable quality systems, Quality Risk Management, QbD & PAT. Reveal, how to achieve and sustain better costs, speed and efficiency through lean six sigma, kaizen and constant improvement projects.Learning lessons from any relevant events that occur in the real world is therefore vital. So experts at King’s College London and medical Protection Company assessed open public perceptions of the chance to health insurance and the influence of public health communications following death of Alexander Litvinenko from radioactive polonium-210 in central London on 23 November 2006. They completed a telephone survey of a representative sample of adult Londoners through the incident. Interviews had been also conducted with a sample of the open public who had been in a contaminated area .