‘WHO is currently working with international experts and countries where instances have already been reported to measure the circumstance and review recommendations for surveillance and monitoring,’ the WHO said in a May 2 statement. Since 2012 when the World Health Business began tracking the attacks September, the agency has been informed of 24 confirmed instances. Sixteen of the individuals died. In April 2012 The illnesses occurred begging, and have been reported in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and the uk. Several of the social people contaminated got all traveled to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Pakistan.Projecting from this scenario, now with the emerging allogenic hair follicle transplant procedure, surgeons are hoping that finally there might be a solution a donor can be other than the patient. Allogenic stem cell transplant, or in cases like this allogenic hair restoration, works with stem cells that are found in someone’s bone marrow. The same cells produce platelets; reddish and white bloodstream cells. A person of same blood type can donate his/her bone marrow to another person thus, the stranger or relative and it is what appears much similar to bloodstream donation.