5 Roughly,000 to 7,500 American women served in Vietnam. Another 2,000 were stationed in Asia at bases in Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Thailand and Korea, and 250,000 remained in the United States. Most of the ladies deployed to Vietnam were nurses, but some females worked in clerical, administrative and medical positions. Although excluded from fight, they were still exposed to casualties and other resources of stress, the scholarly study authors said in a journal news release. Magruder’s team analyzed survey responses of about 4,200 women who also served in the Vietnam War and were interviewed from 2011. The researchers reviewed VA medical records to validate responses also.The Madentec product brands will be retained to leverage the marketplace position the ongoing company has earned. The Tracker brand, for example, has been in the marketplace for 15 years and is a leader with its’ infrared light which allows hands free movement of the cursor for those who cannot use a sensitive mouse for navigation. Other Madentec products are the IntelliSwitch, DiscoverPro, ScreenDoors, Magic Cursor and find out Envoy. ‘It’s been an honor to become a major contributor to bringing pc access tools to the a large number of people worldwide who are now able to talk to their friends, family, professional colleagues and other people they want to reach,’ said Randy Marsden, President & CEO of Madentec.