Advantage and Disadvantage of cosmetic surgery Many women and men consider getting cosmetic surgery due to many perceived imperfections or flaws within their body. On the other hand there are also a lot of people who actually need operations to boost and restore the function and form of their bodies. There are therefore many advantages and disadvantages under the different procedures that fall under it. Advantages The biggest merit which can be attributed to any cosmetic procedure is the satisfaction and the joy that usually has a successful operation.Maternal pregnancy and morbidity complications that were related to prenatal medical procedures included oligohydramnios, chorioamniotic separation, placental abruption, and spontaneous membrane rupture. One third of women who underwent prenatal surgery had a location of dehiscence or a very thin prenatal uterine surgery scar at the time of delivery. Fetuses that were treated were born in an average gestational age of 34 prenatally.1 weeks, and 13 percent were delivered before 30 weeks of gestation, whereas those in the postnatal-surgery group were born at an average of 37.3 weeks of gestation with none delivered before 30 weeks. The rates of adverse neonatal outcomes were generally equivalent between the two groups.