Alabama regulators the other day said Blue Bell could resume creation at a plant in Sylacauga. Blue Bell didn’t immediately come back requests for comment Tuesday. In May, it was said by the company would need to lay off or furlough a huge selection of workers at its idled plants. Listeria is a bacteria that can result in a serious food-borne disease known as listeriosis. Older adults, women that are pregnant and their newborns, and folks with weakened immune systems encounter the highest risk. The CDC says symptoms typically develop within a few days of eating contaminated meals, and can include fever, muscles aches and diarrhea or various other gastrointestinal symptoms sometimes. It could become life-threatening if the bacteria spreads into the bloodstream or infects the central nervous system..In December 2007, the constant state began limiting diesel emissions from port trucks. Port traffic is likely to double by 2020; as a result, these decisions are considered sizeable victories for community and environmental groupings. In September the port will start to phase in new standards requiring drivers to get clean-burning diesel or gas trucks . By the end of 2009, all trucks will be required to meet these standards. Unfortunately, under the current system few truckers can afford to take action. A new semi costs approximately $125,000. The ports are now applying for state grants to help cover some of the costs of transitioning to the new regulations.