Soda makers and other businesses possess sued to try to block Mayor Michael Bloomberg’ enacted size limit from taking effect. They say it’s authorities nagging and exceeds the town Panel of Health’s authority. NY City’s ban on big sodas What’s the skinny on Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban? City officials call it a groundbreaking step in fighting obesity. September In, New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley disputed critics’ arguments that the ban would restrict personal choice. We find this as an increase in choice options in healthier sizes, he said, citing the difficulty of finding drinks smaller than 32 ounces at concert halls or 8-ounce drinks at many eateries.The Wall Street Journal: Super-Committee Democrats SUPPLY Deficit Reduction Plan -Aides Senate Democrats on the congressional deficit committee proposed an idea that could reduce federal budget deficits by up to $3 trillion through cutting benefit applications like Medicare and Medicaid and raising brand-new revenue from tax-code adjustments, congressional aides stated. This is the first time wide outlines of a deficit-reduction strategy being pushed by one aspect has leaked from the committee. Until now, the panel people have been tight-lipped about their negotiations. Many aides stated the proposal was supported by a majority–but not all six–of the Democrats on the deficit committee . More than 50 % of the deficit reduction in the program would come from tax increases, one supply said.