In the eight months following Catalyst broadcast, an estimated 60,897 fewer people acquired statins dispensed than expected. If sufferers continue to prevent statins over another five years, this could result in between 1,522 and 2,900 preventable, and potentially fatal, heart attacks and strokes, the authors record. The Catalyst program questioned the link between cholesterol and cardiovascular disease and recommended that the benefit of statins for avoiding cardiovascular disease had been exaggerated. Statins are widely used drugs suggested nationally and internationally to prevent and manage the chance of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes, in people vulnerable to cardiovascular disease.Columbus State Dean of Arts and Sciences David Hockenbery stated, ‘We have big requirements in urban and rural education, which agreement opens doors for students in health care-related areas.’ Ohio University Provost Stephen Kopp said, ‘An interesting portion of the impact that higher education is wearing people is the opportunity to promote and motivate learning every day. Often, it’s a direct effect that can not be assessed before future when it fully takes root in a person’s lifestyle. It’s when you start to see the transformation in a person’s life over their college profession and beyond that you understand what a difference a university education makes.’ The objective of the College of Osteopathic Medicine is to educate students to be physicians practicing osteopathic medication in service to the area, the state and beyond.