Only the medicine itself is beneath the FDA’s jurisdiction. Due to the lax rules, U.S. House and Senate lawmakers from both celebrations on Tuesday asked federal wellness officials for briefings on the fungal meningitis outbreak, Reuters reported. Their investigation may lead to harsher rules against compounding companies. Fungal meningitis isn’t contagious, health officials be aware. The disease can be treated with high-dose intravenous antifungal medicines. The earlier people obtain treated, the much more likely they are to possess better outcomes, officials stated. The source of the fungus hasn’t yet been identified, and the reason for infections in the various other patients has been assessed still, according to the CDC. Infected patients have reported gentle symptoms, including slight weakness, slightly worsened back again pain or perhaps a mild headache, the CDC said.According to the American Medical Association , as many as 20 % of medical health insurance statements are improperly filed, which reportedly adds yet another $17 billion a year to the overall healthcare burden. The brand new AMA statement explains that insurance provider filing errors have elevated two % over last year’s figures, now topping 19.3 %. Among the very best insurers, UnitedHealth experienced the cheapest error rate of 9.77 %. Regence Group Blue Cross Blue Shield was next at 11.59 %, accompanied by HEALTHCARE Service Corp. At 12.96 %. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield experienced the most severe error rate at 38.95 %. ‘A 20 % error rate among wellness insurers signifies an intolerable level of inefficiency that wastes $17 billion annually,’ said Dr.