Consumers should not eat the recalled products and should toss out anything remaining, according to health officials. In case you are sick, see a doctor who may contact the local health department. No other Townsend Farms items are covered by the recall or from the hepatitis A outbreak at the moment, the FDA said Wednesday. Bill Gaar, an attorney for Townsend Farms, informed the Associated Press the other day,’We do have very good records, we realize where the came from, we’re looking at who the broker can be and we’re sourcing it right back up the meals chain to access it.’..Was $10.6 million; Cash flow from operating actions was $13.0 million versus $0.3 million in prior year; and The ongoing company opened six freestanding facilities during the second quarter 2015. 2015 Guidance Predicated on our strong efficiency in the second quarter of 2015 and continuing full year growth programs including 24 freestanding services and two new hospitals, we are again raising guidance. We expect to generate systemwide net individual services revenue, which include revenue from our unconsolidated joint ventures, of $400.0 million to $405.0 million for the full year 2015.