Such cows pose an increased threat of E. Coli, salmonella contamination and mad cow disease since they typically wallow in feces and their immune systems tend to be weak. Agriculture Secretary Edward T. Schafer instead announced new steps to guarantee the protection of the country’s meats supply, including even more random inspections of slaughterhouses and instant audits of the 23 plants that supply meat for federal applications, primarily school lunches.. 2 Employees Suspended Over Beef Recall The U.S. Division of Agriculture has suspended at least two federal government meat inspectors following the largest beef recall in the country’s history, a union head said Friday. Stan Painter, chairman of the National Joint Council of Food Inspection Locals, stated the USDA confirmed a veterinarian has been placed because of it and a flooring inspector from Westland/Hallmark Meat Co.Andrew Marino, 87 percent of mind wave studies considering the consequences of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones are funded by the telecommunications industry. Dr. Devra Davis in her book Disconnect lays the blame and squarely at the telecoms industry fairly, accusing them of war-gaming the science in much the same way that tobacco businesses and GMO corporations like Monsanto do.

Adult sickle cell drug hydroxyurea proves effective in small children A drug used for the treating sickle cell anemia in adults has been shown to trigger significant improvements in babies and toddlers with the disorder. The finding can be an important one as these youthful patients are especially susceptible to serious organ failure and even death young. In the October 1 The analysis results will be published, 2005, issue of Blood, the official journal of the American Culture of Hematology.