His main concentrate in the laboratory and clinic is usually in the region of novel anti-HER2 brokers, in the identification of mechanisms of resistance to anti-HER2 agents. Landis was with Cell Press previously, most recently as senior editor for the journal Molecular Cell. Landis keeps a doctorate in biological chemistry and molecular pharmacology from Harvard University, where his function focused on breast cancer. He offers held teaching and research assistantships at Dartmouth University, the University of Massachusetts Medical College and Children’s Hospital in Boston.Researchers search for a way to prevent mitochondrial deterioration The study, in the October problem of Neurochemical Research reported, occurred at the University of California. Experts investigated mitochondrial decay and oxidative harm by examining the activity of the mitochrondria in the brains of youthful and old rats, as well as older rats fed with R-alpha lipoic acid plus acetyl L-carnitine . The brain mitochondria of the previous rats, compared with that of the youthful rats, had considerably lower levels of normally present antioxidants and superoxide dismutase activity.