After parroting Monsanto talking points, Washington Post now hides organ harvesting of babies The Washington Post, a legacy newspaper of the mainstream media Remaining, has long been a shill for the world’s biggest biotechnology company, Monsanto, which is normally king of the GMO industry. As Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, offers pointed out, the entire editorial panel at the Post consists of ‘hilarious quack research Monsanto operatives pretending to become engaged in reporting genuine news.’ ‘It’s so very bad,’ he proceeds, ‘that key articles published by the Post now seem to be ‘written’ by Monsanto, with the ‘Greenwashington Post’ parroting Monsanto’s quack corporate ‘science’ talking points prescription medicine .’ That’s far from the only example, mind you.

Immigration officials think that as many as 8,000 people will be eligible to apply for the protection from deportation status. The Ebola response in the United States has been front side and middle in the United States government at high amounts, a Department of Homeland Protection official told the newswire. This designation has been part of this constant monitoring, reassessment and reevaluation of the appropriate response. The U.S. Typically reserves short-term protected status to folks from countries that are undergoing situations or catastrophes where returning could endanger lives, such as Haiti carrying out a massive earthquake this year 2010.