Abbott's panel has authorized the repurchase of up to $3 billion of the corporation's common stock. The program replaces the prior $5 billion program that was announced in October 2008 and was recently completed. The purchases may be made from time to time as market conditions subject and warrant to regulatory considerations. The plank also declared a quarterly common dividend of 14 cents per share. This marks the 358th consecutive quarterly dividend to become paid by Abbott since 1924. The cash dividend is normally payable August 15, 2013, to shareholders of record at the close of business on July 15, 2013.These kinds of mutations stem from errors that are made during DNA replication in your body, causing one base-set in the DNA sequence to be altered. These mutations could cause cancers to take root, or to become resilient to treatment. Through the use of medicines to inhibit the action of Wip1 phosphatase, malignancy growth could be stunted and tumours can be healed without developing resistance. This is a ground-breaking discovering that sheds light on how mutations in cancer can potentially be wiped out with drugs, allowing cancers to end up being treated and removed effectively, preventing relapses of tumour development.