Administrator of Paradise Valley Hospital named one of nation’s Rising Stars in healthcare industry Paradise Valley Hospital Administrator Neerav Jadeja offers been named one of the nation's Rising Stars in the healthcare market as part of the 25 Healthcare Leaders Under 40 list published by Becker's Medical center Review annually. Rising Stars: 25 Health care Leaders Under 40, recognizes hospital and health program leaders who have achieved significant accomplishments within their professional lives and excelled in their businesses before turning 40 years old.Additional main analyses included Cox proportional-hazards regression for nine prespecified categorical subgroups. The secondary analysis also used proportional-hazards regression models to judge all-cause mortality and first syncopal episodes in the three groups.13 Crude prices of the initial occurrence and any occurrence of appropriate and inappropriate therapies were weighed against the use of chi-square assessments, and mean counts of total occurrences of therapy were compared with the use of bad binomial regression models. Assumptions of proportional-hazards modeling were were and evaluated found to end up being valid. The analyses derive from version 1.0 of the database dated September 4, 2012.