A to Z of what’s wrong with America America has some main challenges. Plenty of things could use some improvement. To greatly help generate this A-to-Z set of what’s ‘incorrect’ with America, we tapped in to the collective wisdom of our Facebook followers By the way, just in case you’re feeling even more optimistic today , we likewise have an A to Z list of what’s right with America! A to Z of what’s wrong with America – The listA is usually for Aspartame – The magic powder that turns diet soda into brain poison How Does It Work? . B is for Bailout money – Because all we actually need is another trillion dollars. C is certainly for Codex Alimentarius – Because we all need to be safeguarded from dangerous vitamins, right? D can be for Dumbing Down – Regardless of how uneducated the young kids are, there’s always a public school willing to compromise its standards just enough to let them pass.

A woman with fluctuant facial pustules A woman suddenly develops facial pustules associated with fluctuant, tender reddish nodules. What exactly are these lesions and how as long as they be treated? Over a one-month period, a 34-year-old girl developed multiple facial pustules connected with tender crimson nodules that were fluctuant . They were located over the forehead particularly, nasolabial chin and folds. Her back and upper body were spared. There were no systemic symptoms. The patient had a prior background of flushing. Close examination revealed no comedones. A epidermis biopsy showed a perifollicular abscess with several neutrophils . Bacterial cultures failed to reveal pathogenic bacteria.