At the high end of the scale, consolidation among industry leaders created some of the richest pharmaceutical mergers in history. 2010 promises to continue the cycle of acquisition as companies seek ways to bolster their portfolios and pipelines. ‘Smaller sized acquisitions are what we expect to see in the years ahead,’ stated Jason Richardson, president of LEADING EDGE Information. ‘The blockbuster offers of days gone by year mean that some larger businesses will be integrating functions while buyers look for small, strategic deals that bulk up pipelines.’ In fact, insufficient capital and restricted usage of credit shall push smaller sized companies toward buyers. ‘Nearly all deals last year involved smaller companies under distress, and we see that tendency continuing into next calendar year,’ Richardson stated.Your rates could be higher or lower, based on just how much you or your fellow employees have allocated to health care this season. Insurers say premiums are going up because residents are employing more care. What's known as utilization in the insurance globe dropped through the recession, but is apparently creeping up again . This content was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family members Foundation.