Baby Products – 43,287 10. Doors – 41,097 11. Sofas, Couches, Davenports, Divans – 39,016 12. Desks, Chests, Buffets or Bureaus – 35,040 13. Rugs or Carpets – 25,209 14. Ladders – 19,978 15.. AANS injury prevention ideas during winter holidays During the winter holidays there are numerous warnings in the news headlines about preventing house fires caused by Christmas trees and faulty electric wiring. Additionally, there are warnings about an excessive amount of merriment resulting in alcohol-related automobile accidents. A smaller known fact is the risk of head injury related to hanging and acquiring down Christmas decorations.Nutt called for more education so that people were aware of the risks of various drugs. All medications are dangerous, he said. Also the ones people know and love and use each day. .. About Acne: Getting the Most from Your Doctor Theres nothing trivial about having acne problems. If you are one of the millions that suffer from acne outbreaks, you understand that it can be uncomfortable and sometimes devastating to a person who is seriously afflicted actually. As you consider treatment options, you may want the professional help of a skin doctor or physician.