Aegis releases Discoverant 4.0 manufacturing intelligence software Aegis Analytical Corp.0, the latest edition of its global software system. Discoverant 4.0 includes the integration of powerful tools for data gain access to and sharing across multiple manufacturing sites and contract production organizations , allowing better collaboration and real-time decision building. The new version leverages Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts to provide higher level reports designed specifically for observational users without the comprehensive functionality that Discoverant investigational users need.Be solid, clear, and confident. Do not get angry or apologize. Your friend may need to learn that he can’t get what he wants at someone else’s expense. If he’s a genuine friend, he’ll recognize how his pressure has effects on you. Healthy relationships — both friendships and romantic relationships — are on the subject of mutual respect. A genuine friend wants you to feel protected, respected, and treated correct, not used or manipulated. By pointing out what crosses the line, you’re helping your friend learn what it takes to be a better passionate partner — and friend.