Brown and his co-workers followed through to the medical records of these same people to study lung cancer rates in 2005. Regarding to Brown, ‘In comparison to those that claimed no childhood trauma, individuals who experienced six or more traumas were about three times much more likely to have lung cancers, identified either through hospitalization records or mortality records. Of the social people who developed, or passed away of, lung cancer, people that have six or more adverse events in childhood were approximately 13 years young at presentation than those with none.The research included information on more than 3,300 Dutch children and their mothers. Kids born to moms whose pregnancy weight gain was deemed ‘excessive’ had 20 % better odds of carrying excess fat. Likewise, kids whose moms gained an excessive amount of weight in the year following delivery also faced an increased risk of carrying excess fat themselves, the study found. And children born to moms who gained too much weight both during and after pregnancy had a lot more than three instances higher odds of ending up overweight at age 14 in comparison to kids with slimmer moms, the extensive research revealed. Katz thinks these findings can be used to educate women before and during pregnancy approximately the importance of lifestyle, emphasizing healthy eating, healthy activity and weight reduction.