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The drug has a well-established safety profile of more than 2 million patient-years of safety data from extensive clinical experience intended in the treatment of gained HIV.7 There is no cure for hepatitis B infection, but it is completely preventable by vaccination, In addition,ople remain susceptible to infection by the hepatitis B virus up to up to 100 times more easily than HIV-1.8 transmit the virus in the blood and other body fluids, and through casual contact. Through casual contact. In the UK it is estimated that more than 325,000 people living with chronic hepatitis B, and the risk of developing a scarring of the liver and potentially cancer.9..$ 200,000 Republic Series Examines HIV / AIDS into Native American communion.

‘In Arizona, item 3 programs for Hope’: Three programs run Arizona are to fight HIV / AIDS among American Indians in the state the 289 HIV-positive Indians made their in the end the year 2003 the Navajo AIDS Network, which offer with a budget of $ 250 case management to about 60 client;. Of the Navajo Nation HIV prevention Program spent $ 200,000 annually and focuses on prevention, HIV-positive the HIV Center for Excellence Phoenix – part of the HHS Indian Health Service – uses his $ 1,000 budgets to outpatient care, drug and case management to deliver to 117 customer (Nichols[2], Arizona Republic.

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