Usefulness of baseline lipids and C-reactive protein in women, hormone replacement therapy as predictors of Treatment – Related Coronary Events is first in the June issue of the American Journal of Cardiology publishes. The study was supported by the National Heart, In general, howevere of the National Institutes of Health funded.

Among other recommendations, Gingrich said that all residents should practice daily for at least 30 minutes that obese residents should lose at least 10 pounds and that all students in kindergarten through 12th Class should have daily physical education. This effort this effort would help to reduce health care costs, the savings to be used to find a way 300 million Americans 300 million Americans, Gingrich also recommended to promote the increased use of healthcare information technology and promote the use of best practices among healthcare he said.The author team also includes Nitu Bansal, PhD, Neil Campbell, MSc, Daniel Medina, PhD, Robert DiPaola, and Joseph R. Bertino, all CINJ.

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