Said in interviews with humanitarian personnel , they had 91 children lived with her family, consisting of at least one adult they than their close relatives. Interviews with the remaining 12 children are under way more information more information to trace their relatives. Possible, while are closely monitoring the well-being and health of the children, which is valid for the time was not satisfactory . Since their arrival, a few children have been treated for minor injuries.

October, when relief for 103 Abducted Children In AbecheThe recent events in Abeche, in eastern Chad , which have the arrest some members of an NGO called ‘Children Rescue / Arche de Zoe ‘staff and partners of the International Red Cross kept Committee , the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and UNICEF busy since 25 October, when their best to they can to the urgent needs of the 103 abducted children currently looked after in Abeche orphanage.

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