But how does the same gene mutation upset a parallel roadway controlling the flow of the other component of salt, sodium ions? Now at the University of at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, the reply, showing that the gene mutated in cystic fibrosis not only controls traffic on the chloride highway, but also keeps the sodium highway, overused.

‘It is slow very important this sodium channel when it is overactive before it leads to dehydration of the mucus in the airways of patients,’said Martina Gentzsch, assistant professor of cell and developmental biology at UNC and lead author A study published on 15 October in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. ‘If we are the mechanism by which CFTR does can understand that, it could give us. A novel approach to treatment of the disease ‘.. The finding suggests notorious that the mutation – in a gene called CFTR – a double stroke is flow flow of two different ions, is important for is important for the mucus on the surfaces of the airways can hold. Clarification of this link between the genetic defect and the thick sticky mucus in cystic fibrosis lungs could help researchers develop better treatments.OTX – CP03 and OTX – CP07 to be cleaned and discharged scalable embryonal precursors intended for human cartilages from human embrionic stem cells using the proprietary ACTCellerate deck. Source: BioTime.. BioTime, and its subsidiary OrthoCyte Corporation announced today that BioTime CEO of Dr. Michael West is the STEM 2014 Gurgaon, India 31 In January 2014 submit. The conference is the 7th Annual Conference on biotech sponsored by the Society for Regenerative Medicine and of tissue engineering. West presentation, entitled Progress the commercialization of human embryonal stem cell technology is disclosed animal preclinical dates for scalability, safety and efficacy of OTX – CP03 and OTX – CP07 on the treatment of osteoarthritis.

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