2ype 2 diabetes could damage a young brain?Children with type 2 diabetes diagnosed and puffing on the playground – a new study shows, it can also be stress and strain in the classroom. Obese children with type 2 diabetes diagnosed significantly worse on cognitive tests compared to obese children who do not have type 2 diabetes. According to to a new study in the journal Diabetologia.

During the trials, each of four 30-second conducted walking tasks: a normal walk, walk while saying the months of the year in reverse order go while wearing the goggles, and walk while wearing the goggles and performing the cognitive task. For each task, the subjects went from the radar system, turned and walked back toward the radar. – We’re using a 10.5 gigahertz continuous wave radar, like the one police radar gun speed of a car speed of a car, said Bing. The data we collect tells us the speed of in the in the field of view of the radar at the time, including a person’s foot kicks and the head and torso movements. .Michigan helps to leading the case against diabetic – it’s an exciting quest seen!

We have a promoted of only five Diabetes Research and Training Center from to the NIH, Involvement hundreds of scientists are and health care workers, and valuable support by which Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which American Diabetes Association and critical philanthropy gifts for further increasing our growing diabetes program.

Coordinate My name is Peter Arvan, and I am director of University of Michigan Comprehensive Diabetes Center, for research into diabetes, education and patient care.

Hybrigenics a biopharmaceutical company engaged its own internal R & D program on innovative targets and therapies for the treatment of cancer. Hybrigenics Taxotere , the current gold – standard chemotherapeutic treatment for this indication ‘ development program in Inecalcitol, a vitamin D analogue for the treatment of hormone refractory prostate cancer in combination with Sanofi-Aventis is based.