Three presentations examined intravesical lidocaine treatment of the painful bladder . Srinivasan and colleagues from New York observed the effect of 20cc 2 percent intravesical lidocaine 10 minutes exposure on urodynamic in 8 patients. Bladder capacity, peak flow rate and first push showed an improvement void. Nickel and colleagues from Kingston, Ontario and Kent, UK reported the results of a Phase 2 study with intravesical alkalized lidocaine solution in IC / PBS. Five consecutive daily instillations randomized randomized to placebo instillations at 19 North American centers with 102 patients. Was performed Interval Follow-up day 29. To 8 days after the 5 days of treatment, 30 percent of the active patients rated their improvement as moderately or markedly improved vs. 9.6 percent for placebo. Welk and Teichman from Vancouver reported on female sexual function in IC patients. Their data 32 consecutive 32 consecutive patients with dyspareunia IC with intravesical alkalized lidocaine and heparin compared against multiple sexual domains and 4 weeks after therapy. 50 percent of subjects had resolution of dyspareunia and corresponding improvement over several sexual domains. Those with tenderness of the bladder neck alone prior to therapy had the best results.

Russia has not in methadone clinics and needle – exchange programs invested in a slowing the spread of HIV among IDUs, according to Reuters. In addition, HIV-related stigma is still widespread in the country. Piot said that the big difference between HIV epidemics in the former Soviet Union and elsewhere, that drug use is so widespread in the former Soviet Union, in comparison with other countries in the world. Piot added that although the region on the right track, the right trajectory It is at a critical point and some difficult decisions. .

The which, the largest European cardiovascular company and worldwide leader for medical technology for cardiac surgery announced that they will receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to market their Mitroflow Aortic Pericardial Heart Valve in the U.S.