On October 9 and 10 The meeting will take place in New York, 2009 at the Roosevelt Resort on Madison Avenue and 45th Street.. 2009 International Culture meeting to spotlight hip arthroscopy Difficulties in diagnosing hip pain affect professional sports athletes and everyday active people alikeRecent advancements in diagnostic imaging methods and hip arthroscopy methods are giving physicians and surgeons better equipment with which to treat hip pain. The 2009 2009 International Culture for Hip Arthroscopy interacting with, hosted by Medical center for Special Medical procedures in New York, includes leading surgeons from all over the world to take an in-depth look at hip arthroscopy and its potential benefits.The weight of all 19 boys totaled 115 pounds. ‘It certainly is fun to become a part of something that’s out of the ordinary,’ said Megan Dischinger, mother of the 14th baby. The odds of the string of boy babies occurring are about 1 in a lot more than 500,000, according to the station. CBS Minnesota has more on the story:.

Advocates demand follow-through on decade-aged pledge to remove tariffs on malaria treatments, prophylactics in Africa Malaria prevention advocates say many lives could be saved by detatching taxes and tariffs from essential commodities used to fight the condition, VOA News reports .