Some drugs that could have been utilized to spike drinks were detected, however they also may have been prescribed for use by the alleged victim merely.’ Dr Hall added ‘Given the very high levels of alcohol intake by some alleged victims, the findings also improve the query of what constitutes valid consent to sex. The capacity to give informed consent at these known levels of alcohol consumption is quite questionable.’ Dr Moore said ‘Further study is now necessary to give a more accurate picture of the involvement of drugs and alcohol in cases of alleged sexual assault.’ This research once more has highlighted the need for a very clear message to get to all regarding the need for accountable drinking.The goal of this program is to operate a vehicle the adoption and usage of Electronic Health Records to provide physicians with real-time information on guidelines and connect them with the various other healthcare stakeholders who are fundamental to delivering a built-in, high cost and quality effective patient experience, said Glen Tullman, CEO of Allscripts. Given that we have a very strong indication of what HHS will demand for electronic wellness record certification, Allscripts is certainly making it easy and safe for physicians to look at and use EHRs through our guarantee, financing and rapid implementation programs, helping to ensure that our physicians are able to take advantage of the ARRA incentives.