To evaluate the frequency of aneuploidy, fluorescence in situ hybridization was completed in sperm nuclei, according to Baccetti et al.11 A total of 2880 sperm were analyzed utilizing a mix of satellite DNA probes for chromosomes 18, X, and Y, which were each directly labeled with different fluorochromes. Molecular Analyses Genomic DNA was isolated from peripheral-blood spermatozoa or lymphocytes with the use of a commercial extraction kit, based on the manufacturer’s protocol.12 To be able to define the degree of deletion, we used several sequence-tagged sites and gene-specific primers to localize the breakpoints to an interval spanning less than 1 kb .The reduction in cash and cash equivalents is principally the consequence of cash used in operating activities amounting to EUR 17.7 million this year 2010 , offset by net cash generated from financing activities of EUR 13.4 million. The cash used in operating actions represents our operational reduction adjusted for noncash items such as share-based payment expenses and changes in working capital. The money flow from financing actions amounted to EUR October 2010 4 million reflecting the concern of new shares, compared to EUR 4.8 million in ’09 2009, which represented the drawdown of the convertible loan principally. Equity Shareholders’ collateral amounted to EUR December 31 5 million, 2010 in comparison to EUR 18.4 million at December 31, 2009.