Adopting pharmacy carve-in approach might help 13 states realize more than $11 billion financial savings in Medicaid Thirteen states may realize over $11 billion savings in Medicaid over 10 years while strengthening their coordinated treatment models A report sponsored by Medicaid Health Programs of America released today by The Lewin Group finds large-scale savings can be achieved if 13 states abandoned their current pharmacy carve-out model in favor of a carve-in strategy – – including prescription drugs in health programs’ capitation payments.1 billion over a decade through the carve-in model.Besides the other factors, if your loved ones has health background of baldness, you might likely be affected in the near future. Hair transplant can be an apt option to get over baldness. But what goes on in acute cases of hair loss? Locks Surgery Transplant is certainly a reconstructive surgery performed in the event of burns or trauma to the scalp says Dr. Rohit Nayyar, a recognized name in neuro-scientific hair transplant surgery. With 20 years of encounter under his belt, he is an expert in PLASTIC SURGERY and Hair Transplant. This treatment has been into presence for 30 years and people still are not aware of it. Here are a few of the questions you might want to read: Question: What’s hair transplant? Reply: The technique is simple yet specialized. A Strip Method or Follicular Device Extraction Method employs locks extracted from the back of the top and transplants locks to the bald areas.