Serious problems such as anxiety and depression can lead to a higher risk of suicide. It is just like a chain response with one side-effect developing and escalating right into a more severe one. They don’t really see the light by the end of the tunnel or the options for help that could make all the difference. Regular episodes of crying, lack of appetite and interest in food, mood adjustments, negative behavioral issues, fatigue, lack of energy and difficulty sleeping, withdrawing from family and friends, and sudden drop in academic performances are indications that depression might be developing. If action is taken when these symptoms begin to show after that needed help can transform the course and end result of such negative emotions.I can’t decide which is worse, the fact that we still don’t know what’s in something that so a lot of women use on a monthly basis or that Proctor & Gamble isn’t obligated to tell us what their pads are made of, even when we walk out our way to contact them. Disclosing what’s in the merchandise they make that go in and on women’s bodies should not be optional. It must be mandatory! We need companies to be accountable for the merchandise they manufacture. We have to know in advance how to avoid the rayon, pesticide residue, GMO cotton, dioxins, chemical substance toxins, petrochemicals, and plastic material ofen within conventional feminine hygiene items. We need to have complete disclosure labeling on pads and tampons so, as women, we are able to make informed decisions with regards to the products we buy.