‘Financial firms only the first rung on the ladder in finding out the real waiting list statistics. The next thing is to add those on the waiting around lists to see professionals at hospitals – the therefore called waiting around lists to get on to the waiting around lists.’ ‘At the moment patients aren’t included on the waiting list until they have observed a surgeon at hospital and sometimes this may consider months, if not really years.’ ‘The Auditor General has regularly criticised medical Department waiting list figures as grossly inaccurate.’ ‘Doctors and hospital administrators cannot arrange for the future if numbers are inaccurate and compiled to provide the perfect picture for Government because they are at this time,’ Dr Skerritt said.The results of quick influenza point-of-care tests were positive in seven of the eight patients who underwent examining by this method. The current presence of influenza A virus was detected by means of quick influenza point-of-care testing in 64 percent of patients, viral culture in 18 percent, and RT-PCR screening in 9 percent; one affected person was harmful for the virus on fast testing but was positive on viral tradition. Of the five individuals who underwent both quick influenza point-of-care testing and viral lifestyle, three had positive results for both tests.