Stress 13. Inadequate sleep 14. Alcoholism 15. Tobacco intake 16. Consumption of caffeine. HOME CURES for Acne 1. You can pound orange peel with water and apply the paste on acne break-outs to get rid of acne. 2. Program of lemon juice is an efficient home remedy for acne. 3. Intake of 2-3 seeds of natural garlic daily purifies blood and prevents pimples. Rubbing natural garlic on acne heals them up. 4. You can apply a paste made out of coriander leaf juice or any other mint leaf juice and a pinch of turmeric powder on pimples.Newman also stated it would price $6 billion a season – – about three times more than the world currently spends – – to be successful, the news agency writes. He also said more investment is needed to improve disease surveillance, and noted that new advancements, including longer-long lasting bednets, a vaccine, and new medicines, could eventually avoid the disease, according to the AP. Richard Tren, director of the nonprofit Africa Fighting Malaria, said the new target may undermine malaria in the long term, and Tido von Schoen Angerer, an executive director at Medecins Sans Frontieres, said, We actually risk losing some of the hard-won in malaria control if major funders pull back, based on the AP .