‘We continue to be enthusiastic with the progress of VAL-083 as we advance toward dosages which is taken forwards into registration-directed medical trials,’ said Jeffrey Bacha, president & CEO of DelMar Pharmaceuticals. ‘We think that our data, coupled with traditional data from the National Malignancy Institute demonstrating activity in the treating GBM, position VAL-083 as a promising new treatment choice for GBM patients who have failed other available therapies.’..Weiner is definitely professor and chairman of neurology at the University of Maryland College of Medicine. With Parkinson’s disease, early treatment can have a profound influence on how well a patient functions as the condition progresses. If treatment for parkinsonism is quite delayed, you can’t reverse the clock, explains Dr. Shulman. Dr. Weiner says, The outcomes of this study show we need to learn more about the causes of parkinsonism and discover ways to get over these disparities, which obviously are affecting the quality of life of individuals who are from different backgrounds and means.