The camcorder inside follows this movement precisely,’ says Volke. The steerable camcorder tablet is constructed in much the same way as its predecessor: It consists of a video camera, a transmitter that transmits the pictures to the receiver, a battery and several cold-light diodes which briefly flare up just like a torch every right time a picture is taken. One prototype of the camera pill has passed its first practical test in our body already. The experts demonstrated in a self-experiment that the camcorder can be held in the esophagus for approximately ten minutes, even if the patient is sitting upright. With a simple blood test, the ARCHITECT 2nd Generation Testosterone Assay can accurately measure the wide variety of testosterone levels observed in a number of different individual populations and clinical configurations.‘MRSA’ is the type of broadly medication resistant, dangerous Staph strain frequently cited in news tales as a ‘superbug.’ Doctors frequently prescribe vancomycin if indeed they suspect that a MRSA strain causes contamination. Staph variants have now emerged with declining vancomycin susceptibility. HVISA strains seem to be susceptible in standard culturing tests, but careful analysis in specialized analysis labs reveals important differences that indicate possible level of resistance. Since vancomycin may be the cornerstone drug for suspected MRSA, hVISA may present a serious new threat. The new test can help investigators perform more definitive clinical research to assess the spread of this emerging new threat,’ Howson concluded.

20th anniversary of World AIDS day – professionals say universal, voluntary testing could reduce fresh HIV cases by 95 percent December the very first 2008 marked the 20th anniversary of Globe AIDS day – a day when people all over the world take share of the AIDS scenario and consider anyone who has died from the disease and those who are struggling to live with it.