10 outrageous facts about vaccines the CDC and the vaccine market don’t want you to know Prepare to be shocked http://www.dapoxetineforsale.com/reviews.html . Here are 10 outrageous facts about vaccines the CDC and the vaccine sector don’t want you to learn: FACT #1) Yes, mercury can be used in vaccines, and the CDC openly admits it. There is absolutely no safe level of mercury for injecting right into a human child. Not even trace amounts. There is NO proof safety for mercury at any dosage whatsoever. Any doctor who says the level of mercury in a vaccine can be safe to inject into a child is only demonstrating their outrageous ignorance of scientific facts. Mercury is usually arguably the most neurotoxic element on the complete Table of Elements.

DDE is certainly a metabolite of the banned pesticide DDT, and may damages cells’ genetic materials. Chlordane is also a banned pesticide and has been associated with cancer, neurotoxicity and low birth weight. Most of these toxins, and especially dioxins, are also suspected endocrine disruptors and could as a result also disturb the advancement of the children’s immune, reproductive and nervous systems. Top five meals sources of each toxin for preschoolersAs a helpful guide, the experts identified the very best five food items in charge of exposure of preschoolers to each toxin: Arsenic: poultry, cereal, salmon, tuna, mushrooms DDE: dairy, potatoes, meat, freshwater seafood, pizza Dieldrin: dairy, meat, cucumber, cantaloupe, pizza Chlordane: dairy, cucumber, meat, popcorn, potatoes Dioxins: dairy, meats, potatoes, cereal, mushrooms Acrylamide: crackers, fried potatoes, cereal, graham crackers, chips Also, foods with the highest pesticide residues were : tomatoes, peaches, apples, peppers, grapes, lettuce, broccoli, strawberries, spinach, pears, green beans and celery.