A go back to the doctor’s house call may aid health care reform Dr en el mostrador . Peter Boling provides home calls for a few of Richmond’s oldest and sickest patients as a geriatrician and mind of general medication at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center. The idea isn’t just cost-savings, but to provide a monetary incentive to persuade more doctors to return to this sort of work. It is also about improving gain access to and providing patients the independence they so desire.’ Boling views the house call as a significant way to care for patients with multiple chronic conditions, who account for almost two-thirds of Medicare, and ‘envisions [such individuals] being cared for under the proposal right now pending in Congress.

Saunders points out, ‘Too little national suggestions for the application form process means that these problems will tend to be encountered across the country. These results underline individuals’ anxiety regarding availability of new remedies and a post-code lottery’. If an individual cannot gain funding via the PCT, there is currently the choice of top-up payments for the non-authorized treatment. For most this will be an unaffordable and unrealistic option However.. A post-code lottery still is present for tumor patients with ‘exceptional situations’ A study of patients, at the Christie Hospital, Manchester, shows that the decision to invest in patient care depends even more on where in fact the patient lives, compared to the patient’s health situations, raising open public concern regarding a ‘postcode lottery’ since each decision is made solely by the sufferers’ local Primary Care Trust .