For instance, clinical trials of breasts or bowel malignancy performed over the last ten or two decades show that administering medication therapy after surgery considerably reduces the risk of relapse or potential spread of the cancers. Where can visitors find more information? I normally refer visitors to the Macmillan website. Additionally, there are some very good patient information websites such as the Melanoma International Base, which is a great website for patients in the US. About Dr. James Larkin Dr James Larkin is normally a Consultant Medical Oncologist specialising in the treating patients with malignancy of the kidney and cancers of your skin, including melanoma. Dr Larkin took a first in Natural Sciences from Cambridge undertook and University medical schooling at Oxford University, qualifying in 1996.PARP-1 Inhibitors have been widely talked about and exhibit efficacy in clinical trials, but minimal data has been collected so far to gauge their wider acceptance. Fifty % of medical oncologists and 80 % of ob-gyns were unable to mention any PARP-1 inhibitor without having to be prompted. ‘We were originally concerned with the physician’s insufficient awareness and info on PARP-1 Inhibitors, since such awareness can help determine therapy and reply important queries about genetically linked breast and ovarian malignancy treatment,’ said Vaibhav Varkhedkar, Vice President of ORC’s Oncology Practice.