Using the ReSTART site, visitors can learn about what things to expect when 1st beginning rehabilitation, how to make the most of participating in the rehabilitation journey, how to best manage transitions between healthcare and facilities settings, and common legal and economic concerns, such as insurance disability and coverage qualification questions. The ReSTART site also features a straightforward to understand glossary, to help familiarize a person with probably the most common terms used by rehabilitation healthcare personnel. In addition, visitors will see links to helpful assets and support organizations, in addition to rehabilitation care planning tools.. ARN announces start of ReSTART online recovery source for rehabilitation The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses today announced the start of the brand-new ReSTART online recovery resource for rehabilitation.McHugh is among the first Nurse Practitioners in New York City to move palliative care into the acute care hospital setting. We are creating the future by bringing palliative care units within hospital walls, says co-writer Serife Eti, MD, Director of the Fellowship Plan in Palliative Medicine, Department of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care at Beth Israel Medical Center. Consequently, going forward, nurses and medical personnel will require specialized palliative care schooling to aid patients with chronic, advanced and terminal illness in APCUs. In the US, nearly all patients with advanced disease die in long-term or acute care facilities, with around 20 percent of Us citizens dying in ICUs.