An EKG information the waves of activity and its pattern, which is labeled with letters T and Q. Doctors look for the appropriate intervals between each letter, showing that the heart’s electrical signals are steadily passing through the ventricles. An extended QTc interval means it takes too much time for the electric signal to pass. Prolonged QTc intervals could possibly be the result of a rare genetic disorder, medicines, electrolyte imbalances, or congenital heart disease. Scientific data on the relationship between unusual QTc intervals and loss of life has been inconsistent, and few studies have looked at this relationship in the context of severe ischemic stroke, Stead said.How does it help? They carry out regular meetings with the lovers and work on each nagging problem one at a time. There were overwhelming results before where lovers felt a significant improvement in their private lifestyle after attending sessions. Counselors are not psychologists but registered sex therapists as well just. They understand the fundamental cause of the problem and derive strategy accordingly. * Denial or carelessness: when there exists a denial or negligence towards each other, they try to find out the repelling elements. Sometimes, couples possess reservations about the appearance, dressing style or bedroom behavior.