The main ingredient in cannabis supplies the altered state or the high that users longer to achieve each time they smoke cigarettes weed, this same chemical substance slowly destroys your body. Here are simply five of the numerous reasons why cannabis users should prevent using and when required seek help from a specialist addictions treatment facility: * The human brain – Cannabis impairs various regions of the brain that store storage, maintain concentration, and produce thoughts.Gain access to drives quality of mental health care, and improved quality is needed, but education and engagement are essential vitally, comments Erica Ahmed, director of open public education at Mental Health America in Alexandria, Virginia. Mental wellness literacy is complicated and engagement can be contingent on many elements like poverty, citizenship, race and isolation, said Ahmed. You can live in an urban area but you can be isolated when it comes to accessing mental health care. When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is implemented, Le Cook said better insurance coverage will probably help Blacks and Latinos, but there are disparities still.