One affected individual randomly designated to the nivolumab group and 3 randomly designated to the dacarbazine group had been inadvertently enrolled in the study, despite having an ECOG performance-status score of 2; 1 additional patient in the nivolumab group did not record an ECOG performance-status rating. Baseline features were balanced between the two groups. A total of 61.0 percent of individuals had stage M1c disease, 36.6 percent had an increased lactate dehydrogenase level, and 35.4 percent had a positive PD-L1 status .9 Foods to Speed up Metabolism Metabolism is the process that burns the calorie consumption in the foods. The higher the metabolism rate, the better it really is. This implies you should consume foods that are saturated in nutritional value and low in caloric worth. There are certain natural foods, that assist boost the metabolism price by burning the fat or calories faster. Listed below are 9 of those. Water Water is known as the natural appetite suppressant. After drinking 17 oz water body’s metabolism increases by 30 percent. By drinking 8 oz of water you can stay hydrated for exercises and keep your fat burning capacity high.